Lizard AW 700 Series v1.0 FS22

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The Lizard AW 700 Series is a tribute to the 700 Series, a vehicle that made history in the truck industry in Brazil.
The AW 700 Series is a lightweight truck that stood out in the segment thanks to its technical characteristics and reliability. With its power and strength, the models in the 700 line won many fans throughout the country and became an icon of the Brazilian industry.
Don’t miss the chance to remember the success of the unforgettable AW 700 and add a touch of history to Farming Simulator.

Power: 90 hp – 136 hp
Max. speed: 110 kph
Price: Starting at 14.700 $

Platform body:
Price: Starting at 4.700 $

Grain Hopper:
Price: Starting at 6.400 $
Capacity: 15000 l

Closed Body:
Price: Starting at 3.700 $

Passenger Support (Requires KUBOTA DLC)

Adams Kong

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