John Deere 6155M MY2020 v1.2 FS22

2023-08-01 17:33:24        224
   FS22 Tractors    ylcn

Tough, rugged, and with plenty of power to handle the heavier side of fieldwork for many seasons to come.

Changelog (
– Fixed: turn signal light rear right lit permanently
– Scharmueller trailer couplings added
– Camera position changed inside
– SimpleIC was removed and InteractiveControl added
– New rims added and wheel weights revised
– Tire configuration revised
– Engine sound revised

Price: 120,500$
Power: 172 hp
Max. speed: 40 kph

Changelog (
– Components merged into one merged mesh
– Improved quality of stickers
– SimpleIC added
– Added sound effects for the animations
– Turn signal lever animated
– passenger seat is now foldable with SimpleIC
– added new LED working lights
– added crop sensors to support precision farming


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