Color Configurator v1.2 FS22

2023-03-09 19:21:00        37
   FS22 Other    ylcn

This mod allows you to personalize the color of your machine. You can set any color and material you like using a simple interface.

Added color selector
Added text fields for entering HSV color values
Minor UI changes

Fixed a UI issue on displays with aspect ratios other than 16:9
Fixed an issue with the crawlers configuration
Fixed the error “Warning: Tried reverting to input context [] which is not defined.” which occurred when the save configuration button was pressed while the color input text box was active
Added option to copy/paste color values using Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V
Added option to change color values between Giants/RGB
Added support for custom configurations, designMaterial(4 – 49)
Minor UI fixes


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